5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring An Air Conditioning Company

As far as your home is concerned, air conditioning is by far one of the biggest investments you will ever make, and a properly functioning air conditioning system, especially if ducted, increases the value of your property, improves comfort, and keeps your cooling bills down. If professionally installed and well maintained, your air conditioner will maintain comfortable temperatures in your home without the need for frequent or costly repairs. Professional installation and maintenance also prolongs the life of your AC system, thereby reducing the chances of a replacement being needed sooner than the average expected lifespan of the typical air conditioner.

1. Costs Will Vary From One Air Conditioning Company To Another

Air conditioning installation costs will obviously depend on the type of service you are looking for, as well as the extent or complexity of the project. However, not all HVAC contractors will charge you the same for the same type of job. To make savings from the particular service you are looking for, be sure to get quotes from various contractors and compare them to match your budget allocations but don’t forget about quality and the other pointers below.

2. Contractor Experience and Licensing Are Paramount

Experienced homeowners will tell you that experience I the best teacher, although they probably wish they hadn’t had to gain that experience the hard way when it comes to air conditioning installation. A bigger, more experienced heating and air service company is more likely to handle the job faster, better, and with a higher level of professionalism. It is also always advisable to confirm that your prospective HVAC company has experience with your specific air conditioning unit before hiring them for repair, installation, or maintenance. By the same token, licensing is a crucial aspect to consider before committing to hiring an air conditioning company to do any work in your home. Hiring an incompetent or unlicensed company or technician is a huge risk and is never recommended by anyone with any common sense. You can always find out if the company is licensed online from your state’s Contractors License Board’s website, or other state depending on where you come from.

3. Air Conditioning Service Quality and Reputation Go Hand In Hand

Assuming that an HVAC company and its technician’s are properly licensed and their online information shows that there are highly qualified and experienced, this doesn’t always mean that they are the best air conditioning service providers to hire. Rather, this should be an indication that they are potentially reliable and to determine whether to hire them or not, it is always important to look at what their previous or recent clients are saying about them. You can get plenty of customer testimonials and reviews from online directories, social platforms, and blog forums in your local area. More often than not, most testifying customers will speak based on their overall satisfaction or disappointment with the quality of service they received as well as the HVAC company’s integrity.

4. Company Bonding and Insurance Are Crucial

A reliable air conditioning company should also possess proof of service liability and workmanship guarantee, which is sometimes known as worker’s compensation insurance. If you work with a company that is not fully bonded and insured, you could end up going back into your pocket to cover any damages to your property or the technician’s injury in case something goes wrong during or after the air conditioning repair, installation, or maintenance service you receive from such a company.

5. Air Conditioning Installation Scams Are Real

Last but not least, before hiring an air conditioning contractor or any of their technicians, it is important to remember that lots of AC repair or service scams are actually real. Some HVAC technicians will insist to you that you need to replace your AC, recommend frequent tune-ups, insist that your current unit is oversized, and so on and so forth when all it needs is a simple repair such as filter replacement. Lucky enough, there are various ways to spot air conditioning repair scams, some of which according to Angie’s List renowned author, Paul F. P. Pogue, include doing your homework, knowing your contractor, and asking the right questions before hiring them.