Top Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for DIY’ers

Proper maintenance is one of the biggest secrets to have an efficiently running air conditioning unit. A well-maintained air conditioner will not only save you a great deal in terms of avoiding high repair costs, it is also one of the most important strategies you can adopt if you want to keep your  summertime home cooling energy bills down. As a matter of fact, neglected maintenance is one of the most common causes of frequent problems in all types of heating, cooling, and air conditioning equipment. Since it affects the system’s performance, lack of proper maintenance will also have a huge impact on your home’s comfort from cooling during the hot season.

According to Dave Moody, a renowned HVAC expert, an air conditioning unit requires regular attention to ensure it keeps working at its best efficiency. Most importantly, proper maintenance can help extend the lifetime of your air conditioning system, meaning it eliminates the need for premature AC replacement. Of course, depending on the type of the system and a few other factors, AC replacement can be a costly affair, even though it may sometimes be considered a better option compared to repairs. Enough said about the benefits of proper air conditioner maintenance, here are some of the top air conditioning maintenance tips for DIY’ers you might want to look at.

TIP #1 Clean Or Replace Your AC Filters Regularly

With time, your AC filters may become dirty and clogged as debris, dirt, and particulate matter slowly builds up. This dirt and clogging eventually reduces your system’s efficiency as normal airflow becomes obstructed. This obstruction ends up making your AC to strain more to meet your cooling needs, thereby consuming more energy. According to most HVAC specialists, filter replacement or cleaning is presumably one of the most crucial maintenance tasks homeowners can do on their own and should be done at least once monthly for the best results. Filter replacement can increase your air conditioner’s energy efficiency by a significant amount.

In most AC systems, especially central ACs, the air filter is located at some point along the length of the return duct. The filter may also be located in the ceiling, in the wall, or in the furnace in case you’re using a combined HVAC system. Even though filter replacement or cleaning can be an easy task for DYIers, it is always advisable to talk to you Air conditioning professional for assistance if you’re unsure on how to go about it. Filter replacement is part of the many ways to save energy according to Nick Gromicko for Inter Nachi.

TIP #2 Clean the Air Conditioning Evaporator Coils

There are many benefits of cleaning AC coils. Even though the air filter keeps the evaporator coil from soiling, dirt may with time, collect on the evaporator coil. To keep the AC system in top shape and avoid problems, the air conditioner condenser and evaporator coils should be inspected regularly and carefully cleaned to remove buildup of debris and dirt.

TIP #3 Unbend Damaged Condenser Coil Fins

In most air conditioning units, evaporator and condenser coils come with aluminum fins on the exterior surface of the unit. When these fins get bent, free airflow may be blocked, which could cause problems. Bent coil fins can easily be unbent as part of proper air conditioning maintenance, using a toll known as a fin comb.

TIP #4 Keep Your Condensate Drain Unclogged

According to a well-regarded air conditioning Denver company, the AC condensate drains should also be checked once in a while for clogging. In most cases, AC condenser drain clogging can lead to the collection of condensed moisture as a result of a reduction in the unit’s capacity to reduce humidity. A stiff wire may occasionally be used to check for clogging of condensate drains.