Why Change Air Conditioning Filters Regularly

It goes without saying that the air conditioning filter’s primary job is to filter and clean the air that is released into your living environment so that it is free from particulate impurities and pollutants. However, there is more to this important part than just that. As a matter of fact, the AC filter plays a huge and significant role as far s the unit’s proper operation and efficiency is concerned. It can even have an impact on the longevity of the system and can also dictate how much you spend on maintenance and repairs for your air conditioning unit. However, this component of the AC is prone to the accumulation of airborne pollutants, allergens, and dirt, which may eventually lead to a number of problems if not properly dealt with. In summary, the air conditioning filter needs to be cleaned or replaced at least once a month, especially during the hot summers when the system is mostly in use. Below are some of the reasons exactly why air conditioning filters need changing.

REASON #1 To Avoid Short-Cycling

Depending on the day’s weather and temperature fluctuations, an air conditioner normally cycles on and off to keep your home cool as per the desired levels set on the system’s thermostat. However, sometimes AC units encounter what is known as rapid cycling or short cycling, in which the system turns on and off more frequently than normal. Some of the consequences of rapid cycling may include noise, energy wastage, and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. On the long term, it could impact on your AC unit’s lifetime and cause more frequent problems that can make maintenance and repairs more costly. Just as you might have guessed, a dirty air filter is one of the most common causes of this rapid cycling problem, which can be avoided by regular AC filter cleaning and replacement.

REASON #2 To Prevent Air Conditioning Freeze Ups

When the filter is dirty, the free flow of cooled air is obstructed. This causes the buildup of cool air inside the unit, thus lowering the system’s internal temperatures. When this proceeds for an extended period of time, AC freeze ups may occur, where ice is formed on the air conditioning coils. Changing clogged/dirty filters can prevent this. Air filter replacement also improves comfort by maintaining even cooling.

REASON #3 To Maintain Your Air Conditioner’s Energy Efficiency

Dirty filters can cause your cooling system to consume more energy as it struggles to deliver cooled air into your indoor surroundings or throughout your home. Since dirty filters is a common killer of air conditioning efficiency, regularly replacing dirty filters improves energy efficiency in air conditioning units. As a matter of fact, according to the US department of energy, changing your air conditioning filter filter can improve its efficiency by 5% to 15%.

REASON #4 To Extend The Useful Lifetime Of Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioner filter replacement and cleaning is part of good air conditioning maintenance, which improves the unit’s lifetime in the long run. It also spares you from frequently or/and costly repairs as it prolongs the need for AC replacement. If you don’t change the AC filters regularly, your might need to change the AC unit sooner than you anticipated.

REASON #5 To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Dirty air conditioning air filters can also cause a buildup of molds, dirt, and allergens in your ductwork. These can be huge sources of indoor pollution, which can be worse if your home has someone suffering from seasonal allergies and respiratory conditions such s asthma. Regular filter replacement can help prevent this buildup, which can somewhat improve indoor air quality.

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